Yes, Taylor Swift Loves The ‘Weirdness’ Of Cats

Taylor Swift will be in Tom Hooper’s upcoming holiday musical movie extravaganza Cats. We’ve seen quite a bit from the upcoming movie, which will feature Taylor Swift as Bombalurina, and the reaction has been quite visceral online. Even Taylor Swift recognizes the “weirdness” of the upcoming movie property.

Speaking about deciding to join Cats, Taylor Swift went way back in time to bring up the type of person she was as a young woman versus now, noting how people would ask her if she wanted to be an actress previously. All she knows is that she looks at acting projects differently these days and she really wanted to put her own spin on the strange and intriguing world of Cats. She noted:

Speaking to UK Vogue, the singer and sometimes actress also talked about performing in Cats, noting that Tom Hooper’s movie was created by performing live and via live takes. Ultimately, CGI was added after, leaving us with the look we’ve seen in the first and second trailers for the holiday release.

Of course, the trailer that got this whole thing going really highlights how strange – and wondrous to some!—the new movie will be. It’s heavily reliant on CGI and its anthropomorphic cats have been described as being representative of the uncanny valley. Take a look if you haven’t already.

Regardless, this has led to some polarizing responses online and Taylor Swift’s comment about the “weirdness” of creating Cats feeds right into the narrative. Some people who love the musical have been interested in the new look of the movie. And some people have responded negatively.

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