Robert Pattinson’s French Accent In Netflix’s The King Is All Fans Can Talk About

I’ll just say it: The King isn’t very exciting until Robert Pattinson shows up as The Dauphin. I don’t say that as a Twilight fangirl, or a Batman fan obsessed with everything he does until he becomes the Caped Crusader. I had high hopes for the Netflix movie but it was on the slow and dismal side until that shot of adrenaline showed up in a long wig with a heavy French accent.

I took four years of French in high school but I know that does not qualify me to tell a good French accent from a bad one. Fans out there seem mixed on Robert Pattinson’s accent in The King — some said it was perfect while others called it outrageous. All I know is that it was appreciated.

The Internet seems fixated on Robert Pattinson’s French accent in the Netflix movie, the way they were fixated on his hair when the first trailer came out. He has a small role opposite the deeply earnest Timothée Chalamet as King Henry V, but The Dauphin manages to steal his few scenes. He brings life and humor to an otherwise intentionally serious film. Here he is with his wild accent talking about Henry V’s “tiny cock”:

Here’s a quality review of that scene:

The King premiered at the Venice Film Festival in September and screened in London before a limited release. But most of us just watched the movie “opening night,” so to speak, when Netlfix released it on Friday, November 1. So the fan reviews are just now rolling in, and most are much more comedic than the movie — focusing on the truly important points like Robert Pattinson’s looks and accent:

On a slightly more serious note, it’s possible Netflix missed an opportunity to adapt William Shakespeare’s “Henriad”  across a series instead of cramming it all into one film:

I came away from The King surprised by and impressed with Robert Pattinson for taking on this small but pivotal role. He took risks with the performance and that’s why he has earned so many fans over his years post-Twilight. (Lily-Rose Depp also impressed me in her small role as Catherine. More from her, please.)

Robert Pattinson is showcasing his range right now in both The King and The Lighthouse (and the latter also highlights his habit of masturbating in movies). We all know he’ll be playing the new Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’ The Batman movie, which is meant to show more of Batman’s detective side in a film noir setting. Pattinson has been busy doing comic book research, and he’s ready to lose himself in the role. Sounds like he throws himself into the deep end for every part, and even sometimes makes himself vomit to get into an emotional state.

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