Hamilton: 7 Great Things We Got From The Movie That The Soundtrack Couldn’t Show Us

The Choreographed Time Rewind During Satisfied

Ahead of my Hamilton watch, you may have been just as excited as I was to gain some clarity on the love triangle between Alexander and two of the Schuyler Sisters as illustrated between soundtrack favorites “Helpless” and “Satisfied.” It’s easy to tell within the tracks one sister is heartbroken by the other’s relationship with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s leading role, but wow does the actual scene deliver. 

It expertly does something I’ve never seen staged before: rewinding time and shifting perspectives. It starts with Eliza’s moment of happiness as she falls for Hamilton with “Helpless” ending with her wedding. Then it cuts to Angelica’s toast in “Satisfied” where she thinks back to her own first moments with Hamilton. It’s one of the most spine-chilling touches of the production!

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