10 Hidden Gem Movies Available To Stream On Peacock

The TV Set (2006)

In this hilariously brutal look at the taxing and soul-consuming process that comes with making something through a merciless and soulless studio system, The TV Set is writer/director Jake Kasdan’s bitterly entertaining look at what becomes of the creative process whenever an unconventionally brilliant performer tries to make something through an unforgiving, intellectually void television network. The results are shabby but very entertaining, and it features stellar performances from David Duchovny, Sigourney Weaver, Judy Greer, and more. 

In the years to follow, Kadan would continue to make a variety of movies, many of which were pretty big in scale, including Walk Hard, Bad Teacher, Sex Tape, and the latest two Jumanji movies. But for my money, The TV Set remains one of his finest and, in sadly appropriate fashion, most overlooked achievements.

Stream It On Peacock here.

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